WX Kingston @wc_kingston

Thu midnight: Temp -4.7 C; Windchill -10; Wind NW 13 km/h; Humidity 68%; Press 102.2 kPa / falling.

WX Kingston @wc_kingston

Wed 23:00: Mostly Cloudy; Temp -4.3 C; Windchill -10; Wind NW 14 km/h; Humidity 65%; Press 102.2 kPa / rising. https://t.co/EpoSxNDAFL

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11pm: Mostly Cloudy it's -4.3C. 24.26F. Feels Like: -10C 14F Wind: NW 14km/h Barometer: 102.2 kPa ^ - Visibilit… https://t.co/M8r1SdPidA

Greg Anderson @FCPressGreg

Just arrived in Kingston! Loving getting to know people here! Can’t wait to talk to some locals to get the real story.

Kingston Weather @wxKINGSTON

10pm: Cloudy it's -3.7C. 25.34F. Feels Like: -9C 15.8F Wind: NNW 14km/h Barometer: 102.3 kPa ^ - Visibility: 24… https://t.co/mMZqKqRdRm

WX Kingston @wc_kingston

Wed 22:00: Temp -3.7 C; Windchill -9; Wind NW 15 km/h; Humidity 64%; Press 102.2 kPa / rising.

Jimmie Love @JimmieLove46

Anyone up to going to Kingston on Saturday December 2nd for a wrestling event...Ricky The Dragon Steamboat will... https://t.co/8hHPBdkxIY

SOCKS Kingston @socks_kingston

What an awesome collaboration!! Great job @KingstonFronts & those jerseys?? Love them!! Can't wait for the aucti… https://t.co/Ii1oAy1r5d

[NEWS] Frontenacs collaborate with @KingstonPride to host #PrideNight @KROCKCentre with special themed jerseys. RE… https://t.co/2TQnDrTZVL

Cris Vilela @C_Vilela

Innovate Kingston, DocuPet, Breakout Project...#ygkc sure does like giving these people buckets of money for all so… https://t.co/hhDIjAqHEl

Not sure this is the way to spend tax payers hard earned $s! Hope I’m wrong & they succeed. TY to Council colleague… https://t.co/Qa4mpTAtTB

Louise Smith @mplsmith66

@MIHomeYGK Not complaining again about Kingston traffic..... except if it is about the Causeway of course.

Kingston Weather @wxKINGSTON

9pm: Cloudy it's -3.3C. 26.06F. Feels Like: -8C 17.6F Wind: NNW 12km/h Barometer: 102.2 kPa ^ - Visibility: 24.… https://t.co/xRKvPeHHp6

WX Kingston @wc_kingston

Wed 21:00: Temp -3.4 C; Windchill -8; Wind NNW 12 km/h; Humidity 68%; Press 102.2 kPa / rising.

Richard Schwindt @rgschwindt

It does fascinate me that sightings of serpentine sea monsters have been consistent over 200 years in Lake Ontario.… https://t.co/zxEDTqsNIP

Richard Schwindt @rgschwindt

I have to say that I had always wanted to write a sea monster book. Researching killer lampreys was easier than the… https://t.co/MuItDSuySf

Frank Howard @KP_Community

Met with Chinese students at Queen’s and presented a Guide to Policing in Kingston tonight. Thanks for the opportu… https://t.co/LHURA6MD7R

City of Kingston @cityofkingston

Pet licensing fees support: Kingston Humane Society, Spay/Neuter Kingston Initiative, City spay/neuter vouchers and… https://t.co/e8UpmsMU1S

SOCKS Kingston @socks_kingston

I was fortunate to speak to a couple of @KingstonPolice officers who participated in the Shop With a Cop, it means… https://t.co/tOJddop9hb

@KingstonPolice @CataraquiCentre @TimHortons I was in the mall this afternoon and had the privilege to see the Shop… https://t.co/7EqLYcr87g

Kingston Weather @wxKINGSTON

8pm: Cloudy it's -2.6C. 27.32F. Feels Like: -9C 15.8F Wind: NW 20km/h Barometer: 102.2 kPa ^ - Visibility: 24.1… https://t.co/n28k1fvgsN

WX Kingston @wc_kingston

Wed 20:00: Temp -2.5 C; Windchill -8; Wind WNW 20 km/h; Humidity 64%; Press 102.2 kPa / rising.

Neil Bearse @neilbearse

Huh. Seems like I can play tons of local @cbcradio stations via Alexa with the exception of 107.5 kingston. So strange.

Kingston Weather @wxKINGSTON

7pm: Cloudy it's -1.9C. 28.58F. Feels Like: -8C 17.6F Wind: NW 20km/h Gusts to 32km/h Barometer: 102.2 kPa ^ -… https://t.co/O2yTtNJ2Na

WX Kingston @wc_kingston

Wed 19:00: Cloudy; Temp -1.9 C; Windchill -8; Wind NW 20 km/h gust 32 km/h; Humidity 65%; Press 102.2 kPa / rising. https://t.co/gKHv3OA8hb

KFACC @kfacc

Vigil remembers victims of violence against women | The Kingston Whig-Standard https://t.co/Tk4y09xDiq

The Maestro @MaestroRandy

Now Playing on Q108 Kingston This Is What It Feels Like by Armin Van Buurin ( (ft. Trevor Guthrie))… https://t.co/Rmy9l0oSrc

Kingston Police @KingstonPolice

To help members of our community avoid becoming victims, Kingston Police offer the following information on frequen… https://t.co/ySRXH2YmSN