Scott @kingston_guy

You know what BFF really stands for? It really means best fuck friend. haha

geegees_whockey @geegees_whockey

UPDATE from Kingston as we start the Queen's Invitational - Gaels scored 1st but now it's 2-2 heading into 2nd intermission

Sarah Bertelsen @thedisneylady2

City reopens splash pads KINGSTON, ONT./Sept. 22 , 2017 – Summer’s not over yet: the City of Kingston is...

TWIZted RemnantZ @tWIZtedRemnantZ

King Of Glory Ministries consists of Kingstons Amey's Taxi Kingston Brockville area Ottawa Gatineau Winchester...

Hollie Pratt @hollieprattcamp

As usual there is lots going on in Kingston this weekend. You can now add reopened splash pads to the list. #ygk

Angel @AngelxAnnih

@_itskatexo Kingston is no where on the map 😒

WX Kingston @wc_kingston

Fri 16:00: Partly Cloudy; Temp 27.4 C; Humidex 31; Humidity 44%; Press 101.9 kPa / falling.

WX Kingston @wf_kingston

Fri 15:30: Clear. Low 14.

WX Kingston @wc_kingston

Fri 15:00: Partly Cloudy; Temp 26.8 C; Humidex 30; Humidity 42%; Press 101.9 kPa / falling.

Scott @kingston_guy

@FrankiLoveMusic Two psychos trying to be crazier than the other. Yeah it's something to worry about

Scott @kingston_guy

@CKWS_TV No thanks