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2017/11/22 A vigil in honour of the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women will be... (read more)
2017/11/22 City council decided to give Innovate Kingston only half of what it was looking for.... (read more)
2017/11/22 City council unanimously voted to ask the Canadian government to name Navy Memorial Park a Canadi... (read more)
2017/11/22 Justice Larry O’Brien was told it was love that prompted a 55-year-old woman to don a clown mas... (read more)
2017/11/22 A little-known and not-so-successful former National Hockey League franchise is the newest subjec... (read more)
2017/11/22 City council agreed Tuesday evening to thwart the intentional release of balloons outside, “in ... (read more)
2017/11/22 Concern among Pittsburgh District residents that the Kingston Frontenac Public Library's east-end... (read more)
2017/11/21 The opening salvos in an offensive against the city’s newly updated official plan are to be fir... (read more)
2017/11/21 OTTAWA — Royal Military College has taken another blow to its reputation, this time from the fe... (read more)
2017/11/21 With a little more than a week left in the United Way of Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addingto... (read more)
2017/11/21 A scientific breakthrough in cancer research has been made by Kingston resident Caitlin Miron, a ... (read more)
2017/11/21 A 26-year-old local man who Kingston Police said was driving impaired in a stolen vehicle was eas... (read more)
2017/11/21 A 43-year-old Kingston woman was arrested Monday after Kingston Police said she grabbed a police ... (read more)
2017/11/21 A 31-year-old man of no fixed address was arrested after Kingston Police said an off-duty police ... (read more)
2017/11/21 Kingston Police are asking for the public’s assistance after a woman was hit by a projectile fr... (read more)
2017/11/21 Police in Leeds County were kept busy this past weekend responding to several stunt driving calls... (read more)
2017/11/21 When his publisher asked him if he'd be interested in writing a book about Canadian inventors to ... (read more)
2017/11/20 Two Perth men, one 30 years old and the other 37, have been arrested by Kingston Police after pol... (read more)

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